What You Need To Know About Thatching

What You Need To Know About Thatching

When it comes to the roof of your home, it is one of the most important elements you need to focus on. There are many different materials which you can use in today’s modernised world as well as styles that you can look at. Though it goes back centuries, thatching has experience a recent surge in popularity even in modern homes and are making for quite an interesting collaboration. When looking at right roof gutter installation, you need to consider durability, resilience against natural disasters especially if you live in hurricane or cyclone-prone regions, weight, and also cost to name a few. Using these as guidelines to begin with can help you in deciding the right option.


Before you run off looking for suppliers, it would be a good idea to understand what thatching is. A thatch is a natural product and is made out of either reed, grass, heather or even coconut leaves in certain areas. As the raw material is easily accessible and available abundantly, thatching was a very popular method of roofing and is becoming popular in modern times too. The reed or grass depending on the type of thatch is cut and dried; though the olden days did not have means of applying specialised coating to aid with durability, today there are products that can be used to protect it from wear and tear. Bali thatching is an option that is looked at often. 


Although grass or reed may not initially sound like secure roofing options especially when it comes to protecting you from bad weather such as rain and wind, thatch is surprisingly protective. It is water-resistant, and with proper maintenance does not absorb water. If you apply special coating that is available for thatch, they will last even longer as they repel the elements quite effectively. Roofing in general requires insulation, however with thatching as it is a natural insulator, your home will be warm in cold weather and vice versa without any hassle.


As refreshing and innovative as Bali thatching can be, you should not opt for this if you feel you cannot maintain it. As the material is natural, it is vulnerable to becoming someone else’s home… birds! Birds love this material for their nests as they are easy to use and conform, however it can really ruin your roof. An idea to prevent this as you cannot stand watch guarding your roof all day, is to cover the ridge with chicken wire as this can help keep them away. Do not clamber over the roof even if you need to do any maintenance, and only get the services of a professional thatcher to do any repairs.


If you are still on the fence about thatched roofs, why not make use of the internet to help you? As an expansive resource, not only does it have plenty of images for you to grasp an idea of the concept, you will also find related forums where others just like you have opened discussions and share their questions. This will help you obtain a thorough understanding of the subject and make a comprehensive decision.