Tips To Clean Solar Panels

Tips To Clean Solar Panels

So, you have a solar panel system installed in your home. Do you know how to clean and maintain the panels? Proper cleaning and maintenance is critical to keep the system in better condition and function for a long period of time.

Ways to clean solar panels

There are many ways available to clean the solar panels of your home or office on your own. If you can do it yourself, you can save a few dollars that would have to spend for a professional cleaning service. Look for the best and proven ways to clean the panels yourself. 

• When you find dust, animal droppings and grime over the panel surface, clean them immediately using the proven techniques that you use to clean a window surface in your home.

• Solar panels are protected with plastic or glass, so you don’t need to worry about causing damage to them.

• If you find some loose wire or something out of place, it is good to call a technician to do the needed and cleaning for you.

• Get a bucket of warm water, sponge and a soft dry towel to clean the dirt from the panels. Scrub away the dirt and substances over the surface using the water and sponge.

• If you are uncertain about solar panel cleaning on your own, then call the solar panel company that has installed the system on your home and get assistance and advice.

Choosing a cleaning professional

Most solar companies offer cleaning and maintenance services to your door steps. This is a part of the deal, so you have to check the contract and ensure that cleaning is included. If they charge additional price for cleaning services and you are not ready to pay it, then consider cleaning the panels yourself using the simple technique above mentioned.

There are many individual solar panel cleaning services that offer repair, cleaning and maintenance at particular intervals. Some offer service on every year while others offer cleaning in every 6 months. You can choose depending on your needs and budget. Regular cleaning is required if your home locates in a desert type area.

Choosing the most established and qualified cleaning service from the bunch is a difficult task. However, if you do a thorough research, you will be able to pick up the professional team for the job. Look for word of mouth advertising and also look at your area for reliable and renowned service providers.

Look at online sources such as directories, web forums and review sites to gather some reliable information about trustworthy cleaning services for your solar panel system. Take a look at both offline and online market and then make a well informed decision.