Things To Know When Placing Your Television At Home

The television is an integral part of the house, as if like an inbuilt component, and often we do give it a second thought with respect to its position or placement. It remains in the same place it was for years on end. More often than not the rest of the furniture is moved around the television keeping the viewing in mind.

But it’s time to give a serious thought to where and how your tv is located in order to be able to get a better view, from various angles as well and improve the transmission too. It could even be a good enough reason to buy a new television set or upgrade to a bigger one. If need be, take help of reputed appliance repairs to fix any issue with your tv.

Apart from considering certain do’s and don’ts while looking to fix a location for your television, it is important to call in professionals for TV mounting as they are trained, experienced and equipped with the right tools to handle the task. Additionally, they can provide handy advice from their experience and can even check out the transmission signals and take care of the entire mounting and setup ordeal.

Each house is different in terms of design and interiors and the TV placement will differ accordingly. However, here are a few basics tips to remember regarding your TV and its optimal placement. These points can be kept in mind despite the layout of each house.

The do’s and don’ts to consider while choosing a location for your tv

Consider the height

The television should not be at a height wherein you need to crane your neck to view it. It might give you the feel of a movie theatre but only for a while, after which it will be painful viewing. Ideally the centre of the TV should be placed at eye-level or lower than it.

Consider placement

The lightings of the house interfere with the reflective screens of the TV thus obstructing clear viewing. Endure no direct lights are falling on the screen. Also in the case of LCD TV sets make sure the screen can be moved around to get better resolution and quality from all the angles.

For placement, another important thing to decide is whether you want to place the television on a stand or mount it.

Consider distance

Sitting too far away from the television hampers the ideal viewing as much as sitting too close. Many consider the ‘too close’ factor but ignore the too far aspect. For immersive view and more resolution sitting closer than away is recommended.
Other things to consider are the safety and style. Also, avoid placing the TV above a fireplace and if you prefer viewing from afar then consider buying a larger set.