A Way To Preserve Your Old Photos

Many of us have tons of old photos that often lie forgotten in albums kept in closets. These are often taken out from time to time, but the albums are often unable to keep off mold and moisture from affecting the prints which lose their effect and fade over time. Whether there are memorable prints of your childhood or your marriage photos, these deserve a better preservation method than simply paper based albums. 

Framing your old photos

Among the different options available when it comes to preserving old memories, a good solution is to get old prints framed. Many framing services that offer framed mirrors also offer framing of old photos and prints. Experienced framers know how to preserve old photos in the right frames. They also offer a choice of background materials and colors as well as frame materials before they take on an assignment of framing old photos. Just as artworks are matted to give an impression of depth and dimension, old photos are also preserved and added to a background before framing to ensure preservation of the images. A framer provides several choices to customers. Photos can be arranged in different ways, either in portrait or landscape format; the background materials and colors can be varied or these can affect the final appearance of the collage of photos. A framing service offers several options to customers, including choice of framing materials.

Preservation effects

When you put old photos in frames, these help to preserve as well as bring old memories under the spotlight. While photo albums need to be opened and viewed, a well framed collection of photos has a visual appeal and catches the eye of every person who enters a room where such a collection is hung. Quality frames made of hardwood varieties or synthetic materials with wood like effects can form a handsome décor item on your walls. The use of tempered or Plexiglass material protects the photos and reduce chances of breakage. One can seek input from a framer on how best to highlight or arrange your photos. A framed collection of photos can bring back delightful memories and help to preserve such prints for a much longer time period. If you are looking for ideas, many framers have online portals where one can find different arrangement ideas. Many framing services take online orders for framing an old collection of photos. You could even ask for prints to be done and sent across to your doorstep with your desired layout and a frame of your choice.